Wednesday, February 23, 2011

new carrs ad starts today and other deals

Carrs weekly deals

meat sale is back woohoo!
BOGO FREE on the following,(remember the lowest priced packages get taken off, so may be a good idea to do different orders if all the meat packs are different prices)
Eating right boneless/skinless chicken breast ( typically $3.49 lb)
90- 93% lean ground beef ( I think this was $4 a pound but can't fully remember)
pork loin assorted chops (no idea on price)
ranchers reserve bonelss chuck, pot or shoulder roast. (think this was $5 a pound)

3 lb bag safeway apples $3.49

4 day sale Friday - Monday:
foster farms breaded chicken selections 22-33.6 oz $5
8lb navel oranges 5.99
BOGO free foster farms chicken dogs or bar 2 smoked sausage
kraft mac and cheese .99
lucerne 6 pk yogurt $2.49

Trident gum Buy 2 get 1 free .75/1 coupon
kens salad dressing 2/ $4 $1/2 coupon

I will go pick up these things from carrs, and do my other shopping somewhere else. I don't go to one store and get everything.

BOGO free on lots of medications/vitamins. My favorite is emergen-C 30 pk
mentos gum .99 $1/2 gum coupon or .50/1 any mentos coupon
revlon or cover girl cosmetics BOGO 50% off many coupons for various items

IN-AD coupons:
gain, joy, dawn dish soap $1.19 .25/1 dawn in PG
kleenex lim 3 .99 ea $1/3 coupon

RR deals:
Gillette fusion proglide razor 9.99 get $4 rr and use $4 c from PG. like paying $1.99
repHresh brillant tampons 6.99 get $5 rr like paying $1.99
good ouchless hair elastics 27 pk $2.99 get $2 rr like paying .99
colgate total, total advanced $3.49 get $1 RR and use .75/1 C like paying 1.75

Freds thru Sat
red, green or black grapes $1.48 lb
broc crowns and cauliflower 1.28 lb
radishes or green onions .78 ea
granny smith, pink lady or jazz apples 1.48 lb
5 lb mandarins 6.98
hunts snack pack pudding 4/$5 .60/3 c
pillsbury grands 4/$5 $1/3 c

In-ad coupons:
chicken of the sea tuna lim 6 2/$1
xl eggs dozen lim 4 2/$4
GM cereal lim 4 4/$10 coupons only for certain kinds
halls cough drops lim 10 $1 ea .35 or .50/1 coupons
purex lim 2 $3 ea
u by kotex lim 3 3/$7 2.50/2 coupons available

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