Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Candy.....yum yum!

Halloween candy! On sale at Fred's with in ad coupon $1.99 limit 4 but most of the m&ms (individaully wrapped) had peelies on them for .50 off per package. Give the cashier the fred's in ad coupon first and then the others but that brings the price to $1.49 per pack!

Fred Meyer Apple juice or cider 64 oz 4/$5 with in ad coupon that is a stock up price for me. the limit is 4 but I will go several times this week anyway, getting 4. Elijah has to take 100% juice to school, so I just pour this in a reusable jug.

If you're not picky about laundry detergent, which I'm NOT, we go through too much, Xtra 62.5 oz is 2/$4 with in ad coupon. Limit 2

Super saver coupon this week too!! Anything basic, not grocery, pet, candy, health/beauty but still. I am looking at the 9 cube organizer that is on sale for 39.99 (we have one and I love it!!) plus the fabric bins for $5.99 there is a 10% off home coupon to use on these items and if I spend over $50 on them it will take $10 off so these will be a great deal! if you are needed a bigger item or too, or toys for Christmas, or clothes, these are great coupons! $10/$50, $20/$100, and $30/$150 just remember if you are using manufacturer coupons to give this one first so you still have the required total to get the discount


I am wanting to order coupons from the lower 48 because they get way better coupons then we do. Shipping is a little pricey ($5.25 priority mail) for just me and I was looking for a few more ladies who might want to go in and do this. You would pick whole inserts or specific clipped coupons that you want, I would place the whole order under my name and pay and you would pay for your coupons plus the split cost of shipping directly to me. We should be able to get them in 3 days with priority and I would place an order twice a month probably getting 2 weeks worth of whole inserts at a time. The cost for whole inserts was between .45-$1.50 from what I saw and there are usually 2 a week. If you want individual coupons they looked like a starting price of .07 and up. If you are interested let me know, I want to try and place orders on a monday to have the coupons for new sales on Sunday. You could just browse the website I want to use and email me a list of what you want, or just get what I'm getting, probably 1 each of 2 weeks worth of inserts 2 times a month.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I did this Sunday but you can still do it until the ad runs out on Saturday. Coupons were printed from or print 2 times each!

2 hot wheels monster truck $5.49 each buy one get one free BOGOF
2 super hero squad 2 pk action figures $7.99 BOGOF use 2 $1/1 super hero 2 pk coupons
2 my little pony rainbow plane $25.29 BOGOF use 2 $5/1 MLP rainbow plane coupons
1 busy ball popper $12.24 use $5/1 busy ball popper coupon

the free things don't come off until they hit total so don't panic! so, if I have done math correctly the total should be $51.01. Now hand the cashier the coupon that will take $10 off $50 purchase first. After that, hand over all the other coupons for a total of $24.01 for all these toys that total over $102. Not bad!


A few deals at southside Target yesterday. has coupons print for these deals and they say "one per transaction" so get some cash and send hubby or kids through a line too :)

Hershey kisses sale $2.39 $1/1 target web coupon= $1.39 a bag (FALL CARNIVAL!!) also $1/1 special dark kisses manufacturer coupon making them just .39 a bag if you have both coupons

Motts 100% apple juice 64 oz was on special until 10/30 for $1.75

Market pantry bread $1.59 use .50/1 target web coupon = $1.09 a loaf

Target half gallon ice cream $2.69 use $1/1 target web coupon =$1.69 (were out yesterday so I didn't get any!)

Those were just the things I picked up.