Sunday, February 27, 2011

target and walgreen deals

It might be horrible outside but I ventured out anyway to use some of the coupons expiring tomorrow. I want you to be can save money using coupons and a little bit of planning. Now, you probably will think after seeing my list, who needs all that stuff? Well, maybe me, maybe someone in need, I don't know. But if it's free, or really cheap I'm getting it. Plus, that is more money left over for "real" groceries when you get health/beauty and misc stuff free.

Target: there was a lot with this that you won't be able to copy (incorrect signage and gift cards from last week) but you will get the idea.

2 tgif appetizers (clearance) @ $2.78 target c for $4/2 = .78 each (reg price $3.99!!)
4 dannon activia $1.91 (reg price) 4 $1/1 MQ= .91 each
4 olay travel bars of soap .99 ea
4 secret deodorants $2.44 each used 4 Buy one olay get one secret free up to $3 cashier gave me $3 off each so -$12 making $2.24 overage
2 hartz cruchy dog bones $3.14 used 2 $2/1 $1.14 each
3 everyready batteries (dollar spot) used 3 $1/1 energizer batteries (they make everyreadys) free
prevacid 14 ct 10.29 used $4 MQ and $4 TQ=$2.29
maalox 6.99 used $5/1 (sign for free when you buy prevacid target promo, didn't ring, had to go to service desk and get money back). Ended up being $2.71 overage after coupon

2 nature made twin pack omega 3 oils clearance 50% for $5.48 used $1 MQ and $5/3 NM Target coupon
1 nature made twin pack fish oil clearance 50% off for $5.48 used $2 MQ and TQ above, All together I got 6 bottles of expensvie vitamins for $7.44 or $1.24 each :)
target bread $1.29
total was $15.22, used $10 gift cards from last weeks frozen food special and spent $5.22. saved well over $65 after coupons and clearance

on to walgreens.....
4 vicks cough drops marked buy 1 @ $1.19 or 2/$2 got 4=$4 used 4 $1/1 any vicks product FREE
puffs $1.69 used buy any vicks get puffs free coupon=FREE
So a box of tissues and 4 boxes of cough drops totally free!

New post of deals for this week tomorrow :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

new carrs ad starts today and other deals

Carrs weekly deals

meat sale is back woohoo!
BOGO FREE on the following,(remember the lowest priced packages get taken off, so may be a good idea to do different orders if all the meat packs are different prices)
Eating right boneless/skinless chicken breast ( typically $3.49 lb)
90- 93% lean ground beef ( I think this was $4 a pound but can't fully remember)
pork loin assorted chops (no idea on price)
ranchers reserve bonelss chuck, pot or shoulder roast. (think this was $5 a pound)

3 lb bag safeway apples $3.49

4 day sale Friday - Monday:
foster farms breaded chicken selections 22-33.6 oz $5
8lb navel oranges 5.99
BOGO free foster farms chicken dogs or bar 2 smoked sausage
kraft mac and cheese .99
lucerne 6 pk yogurt $2.49

Trident gum Buy 2 get 1 free .75/1 coupon
kens salad dressing 2/ $4 $1/2 coupon

I will go pick up these things from carrs, and do my other shopping somewhere else. I don't go to one store and get everything.

BOGO free on lots of medications/vitamins. My favorite is emergen-C 30 pk
mentos gum .99 $1/2 gum coupon or .50/1 any mentos coupon
revlon or cover girl cosmetics BOGO 50% off many coupons for various items

IN-AD coupons:
gain, joy, dawn dish soap $1.19 .25/1 dawn in PG
kleenex lim 3 .99 ea $1/3 coupon

RR deals:
Gillette fusion proglide razor 9.99 get $4 rr and use $4 c from PG. like paying $1.99
repHresh brillant tampons 6.99 get $5 rr like paying $1.99
good ouchless hair elastics 27 pk $2.99 get $2 rr like paying .99
colgate total, total advanced $3.49 get $1 RR and use .75/1 C like paying 1.75

Freds thru Sat
red, green or black grapes $1.48 lb
broc crowns and cauliflower 1.28 lb
radishes or green onions .78 ea
granny smith, pink lady or jazz apples 1.48 lb
5 lb mandarins 6.98
hunts snack pack pudding 4/$5 .60/3 c
pillsbury grands 4/$5 $1/3 c

In-ad coupons:
chicken of the sea tuna lim 6 2/$1
xl eggs dozen lim 4 2/$4
GM cereal lim 4 4/$10 coupons only for certain kinds
halls cough drops lim 10 $1 ea .35 or .50/1 coupons
purex lim 2 $3 ea
u by kotex lim 3 3/$7 2.50/2 coupons available

Monday, February 21, 2011

a few things...

I will do all the deals tomorrow but a few things I wanted to let you know about.
Carrs thru tuesday only
eating right boneless skinless chicken breast buy one get one free that is about $1.75 a pound (great deal) stocking up on this :)

cocktail tomatoes in ad coupon $1.49
i can't believe it's not butter in ad coupon $2.49 BOGO FREE coupon in unilever...think it was the 1/30 set

Target has a promo right now on frozen food. Buy any 7 items and get a $5 gift card at the register. SOOOOO....I went crazy, and they were out of some stuff so I will be going back later in the week. got 29 items (1 extra, multiples of 7 remember) and after coupons and figuring in the gift cards I received I paid $10.11. The cashier did give me an extra $5 gift card....think he just wanted me to go away :) so if you wanted to repeat this it would be $15.11 but still only .52 per item. I got frozen veggies and rice, motz. cheese sticks, chicken burritos, chicken sandwiches, a few frozen pizzas and a half gallon of ice cream. Not going to lie, it was some work and figuring, plus 3 transactions, but I made it work and am super happy with the deals I got! I did get some other things too, but I saved $103 on all my orders

Friday, February 18, 2011

amazon deals and target trip

Bundle of fun this Friday evening........

Today I was at Target and I saved over $55 and spent $19.98 . that was a great trip! It takes time and practice, but the reward is great :)

Now onto this.... has a few great grocery deals right now. They usually don't last long at a low price and shoot back up randomly so if interested act fast! I got chicken of the sea 48 pack tuna in water for $21.32, emerald peanuts 4.5 oz canister 12 pack for $6.72 and Fruity pebbles 11 oz pack of 4 for 7.64. Shipping was free with super saver. You do have to be patient though as these items won't ship for about 5 weeks but I don't need it right now anyway and the price was great!! .44 per can of tuna, .56 per canister of nuts and 1.91 per box of cereal. Now granted, I could have gotten cereal a lot cheaper (.25 a box today at Target) but my kids like THIS cereal and I hardly ever buy cereal they like so this is a treat I guess.

Coupons from the last 2 weeks are here. 4 inserts for $3 including 2 free breakfast subs from subway when you buy any drink and a $3 gain fabric softener coupon. Let me know if you them and will hold onto one for you!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New coupons coming!!

I have 1/30 coupons available for $3. four inserts of high value coupons

2/6 and 2/13 will be here Thursday or Friday. When I get them I will update this post with the price but I am thinking around $3 for both weeks since the value of these coupons wasn't as high as the 1/30 bunch. Let me know if you want them and I will be at church this weekend and at MOM's on Tuesday.

Don't get discouraged if your couponing isn't going as well as you like. It takes time and practice as well as a good stock of coupons.

Carrs ad thru 2/22

Grapes red,black,green $1.78 lb great price!!
broc crowns $1.49 lb
kraft singles $1.99 .55/1 coupon
Coke products buy 2 get 2 free plus get 2 boxes nabisco crackers free. Must get all in one order and I think the soda is $8.19 per 12 pk. so breaking in down for 4 packs that is $4.09 per pack plus 2 boxes of crackers free. cheaper then all other stores this week plus free crackers!

hormel peperoni $2.50 coupon available .55 I think
avocados $1.50
garlic bulk .50
green zucchini or yellow squash $1.49 lb
kiwi .50
2 lb organic carrots $1.50
green onions or radishes .99

FRIDAY ONLY: foster farms boneless skinless chick breast or tenders, frozen 2.5 lb pack $5!!

in ad coupons: bertoilli 17 oz olive oil $4.49
prego pasta sauce $1.49

quaker instant oatmeal packets $2.99 $1/1 coupon

Deals thru Saturday

Prevacid 14 ct $10.49 plus get free maalox 65 ct. Use $3 off prevacid and $5 any maalox coupon to get all of this for 2.49. Even better, some prevacid boxes had $4 peelies so maybe all for $1.49!!

Nature made 250 ct fish oil 10.99 plus get 100 ct nature made vit d free! Coupons in various amnt for both of these. ($2 fish oil and $1 vit d) you can use a coupon on the free product too because it rings up at full price and comes off later. Also, the free item is a store promo and the coupon is manufacturer so this is basically "stacking"

Neosporin 1 oz 7.09 plus get free 30 ct bandaids. Again, use coupons for both. $1.50 off when you buy both coupon for this deal

lots of walgreen brand items buy one get one free
twizzlers 3/$5 and get a $3 coupon good on your next order if you buy 3.
Almay cosmetics BOGO 50% off. use 2 $2/1 coupons
Colgate toothpaste or wave brush in -ad coupon 2/$3 stack with .75/1 toothpaste, .40/1 toothbrush
loreal cosmetics BOGO 50% off use $5/2 coupon

strawberries! $3 lb
boneless skinless chicken $2.88 lb
oranges .88 lb
egg beaters $2.50
barilla pasta $1.25
campbells chunky soup 3/$5 .50/4 coupon
tree top juice in ad coupon $2
chunk cheese med cheddar in ad coupon $4 (2lb)
cantaloupe .99 lb

60% off apparel and shoe clearance prices too

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Carrs Ad

Daily deals
Feb 2: pepsi or 7-up a liter .99, digiornio pizza $3.49
Feb3: safeway hamburger or hot dog buns $1.19, Oscar mayer 5 lb beef franks $5.99
Feb4: lucerne 32 oz chunk cheese $4.49, nabisco crackers 1.49----use $1/2 c from 1/30
Feb5: boneless strip steak family pack $5.99 lb
Feb6: tostitos chips or safeway salsa $2.39 tostitos c in 1/30 paper

Beverly hills chihuahua 2 on blu ray. $26.99 use $10 coupon from last list in targetsections but get 1 pk keebler right bites crackers and 1 pk rice krispie treats free with purchase!!
avocados $1.50 ea
red or greeen grapes $2.99 lb
Red, yellow or white onions .69 lb
everybody nuts or wonderful pistachios BOGO free use 2 $1/1 coupons

Primo taglio pillow packs 12 or 16 oz turkey, ham or salame $5
5 lb box clementines $5
almond delight bistro cake 1/8 sheet $5