Monday, November 8, 2010

Target deals

1 L Crest pro health multi-protection mouth wash with a free 250 mL size attached clearance $3.14

1 crest pro-health for me kids mouth wash 458 mL $4.49

secret travel size deodorant $1.12
6 pk olay bar soap $5.79

Used following coupons from P & G Buy 1 900 mL crest mouth wash, get small one (under 500 mL) FREE so -$4.49 because the clearance one was so big and the more expensive one was smaller
Buy 1 secret, get $5.00 off olay bar, body wash, body wash lotion so - $5.00 from the bar soap that was $5.79

TOTAL for everything: $5.05 :)

Also, the Halloween costumes were 90% off and the candy was 75% off and they had a ton of candy left! I didn't buy any but think creative for Christmas baking, gingerbread houses and such and get a great deal.