Monday, February 21, 2011

a few things...

I will do all the deals tomorrow but a few things I wanted to let you know about.
Carrs thru tuesday only
eating right boneless skinless chicken breast buy one get one free that is about $1.75 a pound (great deal) stocking up on this :)

cocktail tomatoes in ad coupon $1.49
i can't believe it's not butter in ad coupon $2.49 BOGO FREE coupon in unilever...think it was the 1/30 set

Target has a promo right now on frozen food. Buy any 7 items and get a $5 gift card at the register. SOOOOO....I went crazy, and they were out of some stuff so I will be going back later in the week. got 29 items (1 extra, multiples of 7 remember) and after coupons and figuring in the gift cards I received I paid $10.11. The cashier did give me an extra $5 gift card....think he just wanted me to go away :) so if you wanted to repeat this it would be $15.11 but still only .52 per item. I got frozen veggies and rice, motz. cheese sticks, chicken burritos, chicken sandwiches, a few frozen pizzas and a half gallon of ice cream. Not going to lie, it was some work and figuring, plus 3 transactions, but I made it work and am super happy with the deals I got! I did get some other things too, but I saved $103 on all my orders

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