Friday, February 18, 2011

amazon deals and target trip

Bundle of fun this Friday evening........

Today I was at Target and I saved over $55 and spent $19.98 . that was a great trip! It takes time and practice, but the reward is great :)

Now onto this.... has a few great grocery deals right now. They usually don't last long at a low price and shoot back up randomly so if interested act fast! I got chicken of the sea 48 pack tuna in water for $21.32, emerald peanuts 4.5 oz canister 12 pack for $6.72 and Fruity pebbles 11 oz pack of 4 for 7.64. Shipping was free with super saver. You do have to be patient though as these items won't ship for about 5 weeks but I don't need it right now anyway and the price was great!! .44 per can of tuna, .56 per canister of nuts and 1.91 per box of cereal. Now granted, I could have gotten cereal a lot cheaper (.25 a box today at Target) but my kids like THIS cereal and I hardly ever buy cereal they like so this is a treat I guess.

Coupons from the last 2 weeks are here. 4 inserts for $3 including 2 free breakfast subs from subway when you buy any drink and a $3 gain fabric softener coupon. Let me know if you them and will hold onto one for you!

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