Friday, January 7, 2011

Target and Carrs

Target (southside)

Christmas 90% off Still some wrapping paper, ornaments, gingerbread houses and candy canes really cheap
75% still hershey kisses-that's the only candy left

30% off and up TOYS they have a full aisle plus another half full of clearance toys. The signs say 30% off but some stickers indicated 50% or more. I bought K'nex that were reg $23.99 for $5.98. They had toy story stuff, legos, dolls and tons of other stuff marked down

BOGO free meat sale still this week. I did the roasts in a seperate order from the chicken so I didn't lose out money wise because they were much more then the chicken. They were out of beef. The roasts were about 24.00 each (they were huge!!) so I got 2 for that price. The chicken was about $13.50 for a family pack so I got 2 for that price.

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