Monday, January 3, 2011

Deals this week

Overall, pretty boring! The lower 48 got 5 packs of great coupons yesterday and typical of AK we got 3 and they were filled with advertisments instead of coupons. I will be ordering next Tuesday (1/11) from 1/2 and 1/9.

Fresh espress or fresh espressions salad kits or blends $1.25. Printable coupon .50/1
@ you can print this coupon 2x per computer

Blueberries 6oz $3 ea
Kiwi 2/$1
Mango $1
oranges .98 lb
green onion .58 ea
3lb clementine or satsume mandarins 3.88

Family pk boneless/skinless chicken breast 2.79 lb
FM cottage cheese 16. oz $1.67

FM canned tomatoes or beans 3/$2 with in ad coupon limit 9 *great stock up price*
Xtra detergent $2/4 with in ad coupon limit 2
Yoplait yogurt 10/$5 with in ad coupon + combine with MQ .50/6

Target- you can use 1 target coupon + one MQ for each item. only 1 like target coupon per order

**forgot*** there are some toys 30% off and a few 50% off heard them while i was there that all the toy clearance will be consolidated into one aisle today so that should make it easier!
Oscar mayer lunchables $1 coupon for $1/2= .50 ea
market pantry bread $1
Charmin TP 24 double rolls $13 use .25/1 from 12/26 P&G
Palmolive 10 oz $1
Kraft cheese $2 printable .75/1 = $1.25 for 8oz chunk or shredded only had cheddar chunk and mexican blend shredded @ southside
Uno 40th anniversary card game $1
Christmas still 75% off and candy 50% waiting...waiting....for 90% and 75% :)

Mix and match buy one get one free (BOGOF) be sure to keep the packages all about the same price for maximum savings:
RR boneless beef pot or shoulder roast
pork shoulder spare ribs
eating right chicken breasts or thighs
90 or 93% sirloin ground beef
I usually stock up on meat when carrs has this sale. I then split and freeze the big packs and don't have to think about buying meat again for a month or so. I have gotten a rain check on this before too because they do sell out.

*** thru 1/4 only**Lucerne 18 ct eggs $2.49 with in ad coupon and $10 purchase limit 2 about $1.67 a dozen if you get 2....about same price as costco right now

Duracell batteries $2 off in ad coupon + MQ for $1.50/1 should equal about $4.50 for a 10 pk of AA or AAA and last time I was there(before Christmas) it was a bonus pack with a little gift in each pack

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