Wednesday, January 19, 2011

slow week

This is one of those slow sale weeks where I am so glad I have a stocked pantry and a freezer with meat in it. If I didn't I would most likely be overpaying for a lot of things this week.

for those of you new to this let me give you a few tricks I use:
1. stock up on staples when they are on sale. I may not need 10 cans of something this week, but I will need them eventually, and I'd rather get all 10 on sale for .33/ can and store them, then pay .99 a can later.
2. buy more then 1 weeks worth of meat when it's on sale. separate according to your families needs and freeze in ziplock with instructions on what is inside. I sometimes even cook it, expecially ground beef, for spagetti or tacos so it unthaws and is ready to go in under 5 min if I need it.
3. pull from your stock when the sales are slow. You don't have to go get groceries every week. You may just need a few things like milk, bread and produce.

A few coupon terms to know:
Stacking: using one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon per one item. If freds has an in-ad coupon for something it says "fred meyer coupon" and you have a manufaturer coupon for the same item, you can use both coupons to purchase 1 item. you may not use 2 manufacturer coupons per 1 item.

RR: register rewards at walgreens. You purchase something with a RR on it. After you pay a coupon prints out with your reward on it. $4 off your next purchase....something like that. Excludes certain things like postage, etc. Most of the time now these do not "roll" which means you get one $4 off from purchasing the razor in this weeks ad. You go back while the sale is still going on and get another razor and use the RR to pay. You will not get another RR for the new razor you purchased. so mix up those RR for different items. Takes some practice and I don't do RR very often

Printable coupons: coupons available for print from home. You can print 2 of each usually using the back and then refresh buttons on your computer. I like to be next to the printer and if an ad starts to print after the coupon I hit cancel. some sites for coupons are listed below

Load coupons onto store cards at the store website or and

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