Monday, April 4, 2011

we need votes!!

well, I have been terribly lazy with posting deals here (sorry about that) and clipping my own coupons. My stack is now about 2 feet tall and I just can't bring myself to clip and organize them. I still use them it just takes more work! I got 12 travel sized pert plus, 3 secret clinical trials, 5 gain 40ct fabric softener sheets and a tub of hillshire farm lunchmeat at walmart the other day for $2.44. But it takes a lot more work because they are not organized. anyway.....maybe someday I will get motivated :) We NEED your vote!! We are trying to win Aces playoff tickets and are in second place right now. The voting ends tomorrow (tueday) and you can email and put "vote for #13" in the subject line. It will only take a minute and i really appreciate it!!

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